iTunes 7.7 is here

July 9, 2008

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iTunes 7

Well it’s official, Apple has release iTunes 7.7 tonight, I was online before crashing for the evening and what pops up in my software update you ask, iTunes 7.7 update.

What’s new you ask?  Well not much, other then a new item on the sidebar called applications, at first I got excited and looked to see if the App Store was online, and disappointedly it was not!

Speaking of the app store I’m totally excited to see what’s there.  I’m really looking forward to a twitterriffic application or better yet a socialthing! application.

I’m curious as to whether or not Apple will release the new firmware for the iPhone tomorrow, or wait until the launch date of the iPhone 3G.

Well nothing to exciting to see tonight from Apple, Ill probably miss it all later tonight.

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